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28 November 2015

Problem with a Girl Kid

The problem with having a daughter is that you think that she is your kid (and try to protect her) but she thinks you are her kid (and protects you). Beyond the command, the cajole, the cry and so many other things she does, she showers the love of a mom.

27 November 2015

Numbers don't define quality

How many people would read my posts and how many eye balls i catch? Should i write better?

How many people would buy my product? Should i have these features?

How many this and how many that? Doesn't it make sense to do only this since the number is low?

The problem with number is that it is quantitative. It is not qualitative.

Numbers don't define quality.

Quality precedes quantity

20 November 2015

Play your strength

I got the messages in Facebook. It summarizes what we should be doing - "play your strength" and "measure the performance when playing the strength"

How much we rely on the performance appraisal system (outsourcing our career) and how much we are ensuring that we are playing our strength (creating our future).

19 November 2015


How much ever i try to think, i cannot think.

Despite that i continue to think that i can think well one day (hope is eternal, remote possibility but there is hope)

17 November 2015

Daily Improvements

Why we often fall short of our big goals? Let us take an example of acquiring a skill.

When we are building a new skill (swimming) it is very important to be consistent (go to pool everyday). Every day we keep making tiny improvements and if you put things in bigger time scale the tiny improvements become big (tiny drops make ocean). This is not a rocket science.

But why are we often failing to make "big" improvements. Because of our nature of failing to recognize the tiny improvements we often end up not making an effort for the tiny improvement. The improvement or the increase is tiny and we tend to equate the tiny to negligible (often of no value). We give up thinking that it is difficult or it is not worth trying (whatever it is - the end goal is "zero").

Secondly, the consistency seem to very easy as long as it is consistency (you hit the pool and swim). Because the amount of mental effort needed is less (it appears to be easy). But once the consistency is lost (stop going to pool for a couple of days), the mental effort to bring in consistency is highly difficult (no room for context switch and focus should be spot on). It is mentally tough.

13 November 2015

Issues with Instant Gratification

Do you prefer smaller short term gain over bigger longer term gain? Do you prefer to get instant "pay backs"?

I see few issues with instant gratification. 

  • Instant gratification focuses more "pay backs" rather than the "actual goal". When you focus on short term "temptation", sometimes the efforts are scattered, sometimes leads to failure to learn at boundaries, leads not to see a big picture.
  • Gratification is always tempting and i think that is why most of us want to cash it instantly. 
  • Since i have already cashed, i see that there is no need to put more focus on the goal - i consider that i have already accomplished
  • Hinders continuous learning
Only a very few people overcome the temptation and look beyond few days to few months to few years (deferred gratification). You can call it a virtue or maturity. It is very difficult to acquire. easy to say but very very hard to do.

10 November 2015

Growth Vs Pseudo Growth

(Pseudo) Growth - Growing as much as someone wants you to grow. This depends on how much someone wants you to be tucked. This depends on your society (boss, society, wife and your dog). This is sure shot way of growing when you want to be good and it is safest.

Growth - Grow beyond boundaries. As you reach your ceiling, you keep pushing out, stretching your own limits. When you keep stretching your limits, you become UNLIMITED. It doesn't matter whether you are taller than someone or shorter than someone but you are UNLIMITED.

Choose you game :-)

02 November 2015

Pushing out emotions

Emotions are good and bad. 

Good - when it helps to build relationships (Love, trust, care)

Bad - when it doesn't help to build relationships. Often used to prove that "i am correct (and you are wrong)"

In a difficult situation (where i badly want to express something in that moment) when i want to get relieved (satisfying my ego), i used to burst out. For past few months, i have been selectively taking up not to burst out (otherwise - not to make an attempt to do something to simply satisfy my ego).

When i do not make an attempt, it often makes me more productive and happier than if i had to show my emotions. "moving on" is becoming easy. I seem to enjoy the new person in me and finding his new limits. These days i think that the best email is that is not written and the best words are that not spoken.

Push out (emotions) - to find a new self.

24 October 2015

Paradigm shift

Human beings are designed to thrive and evolve. Most of us think that we have limitations. It is our own thinking that is causing us stagnated. But we are limitless possibility. Here is a video that someone shared in Facebook.

Whatever we do might be a very simple like fixing a puncture in a cycle. But it might have given us a new thinking, new eyes, new possibilities. If it gives us a new perspective, even a tiny thing is a paradigm shift. New perspective gives us limitless possibilities.

Perspectives are important as they fetch shift in frame of mind.

Happy weekend

09 October 2015

Notion of Role

I often hear from people about wanting an elevation in the role thinking that mere elevation would give us a career progression. The career progression is a sword and ultimately lead to suicide when there are no business need and an undue promotion (a different topic).

Let us dwell right into the "notion of role".

Unlike a drama or cinema, the role at work need not be restricted. The role is something what i believe that i would be doing (aspiration), what i should be doing (expectation), whether it pushes my abilities (performance) and whether i really like what i am doing (passion). 

Each one of us can aspire to become something. It doesn't mean that it is available right now. The second thing - the reality might be quite different from belief. I might believe that i am something and ready for something more. The reality could be different and there could be gaps. I might need to work on the gaps, be flexible to play better (efficient, try to solve the team's problem and create impact).

But to start with I feel it is very important to be flexible to contribute more. Flexibility (mindset or paradigm whatever you call it) could be a real game changer. The moment i become flexible, i really tune my antenna of learning and slowly expand my capacity which is very likely to give a career progression and role progression. There is a possibility of becoming a role MODEL.